Over 13 Million DLs! Special Events Are Now On!!

[EDIT:11/28 15:30 PM(JST/ GMT+9)]
We have made some adjustments to the description of the 13 Million DLs Celebration Rewards as some parts were difficult to understand.

Thank you for playing Toram Online!

We have reached 13 Million downloads thanks to you all!

We would like to express our gratitude by holding a special event.

Don't miss it!

13 Million DLs Limited Event Period

From: 11/24/2022 after maintenance
Until: 12/08/2022 before maintenance

*Some events and promotions end on different dates.
Please check each official announcement for the details.

13 Million DLs Limited Event Battle Is On!!

★:[EDIT]13 Million DLs Celebration Rewards!

Get Dyeing Items! The Golden One has come!!

Complete All! Limited Emblems!!

Useful for Refinement! Limited Recipes!!

Double Present Campaign!!

13 Million DLs Limited Event Battle Is On!!

You can challenge the limited event battle from the portal in Government Office.

In addition to the limited battle released in previous celebration events, a new event battle, "[Lv200] Arise!! True Hero Potum Party!", has also been added this time!

Challenge the mighty boss and enjoy the exciting battle!

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13 Million DLs Celebration Rewards!

The adventurers who have won the 13 Million DLs Limited Event Boss Battle during the tabulation period will receive gorgeus rewards!
Cooperate with your friends and guild members to win the battle!

Rewards I:Limited Event Battle Rewards!! Win to Get Orb Shards!!

All adventurers who have won the 13 Million DLs Limited Event Boss Battle during any tabulation period will receive Orb Shards x40.
Orb Shard x120 can be received in total if you defeat any of the boss in the 13 Million DLs limited battle during each tabulation period!

Required ConditionRewards
13 Million DLs Celebration Boss Battle
Win against any boss.
Orb Shard x40

Rewards II:Gifts for 18 Players Randomly Selected

6 lucky players will also be selected randomly from all the adventurers around the world who have defeated "Hero Potum" every week (total 18 winners) to win "gorgeous items"!

*Tap to see "Gorgeous Items"

ItemNo. of Winners
Ultimate Gem1 Player
Piercer [OHS]1 Player
Piercer [THS]1 Player
Piercer [Bow]1 Player
Piercer [Bowgun]1 Player
Piercer [Staff]1 Player
Piercer [Magic Device]1 Player
Piercer [Knuckle]1 Player
Piercer [Halberd]1 Player
Legendary Piercer1 Player
Spirit Needle1 Player
Legendary Needle1 Player
Fairy Silk1 Player
Legendary Silk1 Player
High-Grade Ornament1 Player
Legendary Ornament1 Player
Book of Oblivion1 Player
Orb Shard x7771 Player

Event Battle & Rewards

Rewards IRewards IIEvent Battle
×[Lv50] Golden Potum's Counterattack
×[Lv100] The Platinum Wife
×[Lv150] Scary When Angry
[Lv150] Hero VS Archfiend
[Lv160] Hero and a New Comrade
[Lv170] Hero and the Mysterious Magus
[Lv180] Ready?! Hero Potum Party!
[Lv200] Arise!! True Hero Potum Party!

Tabulation Period

Period I11/24/2022 after maintenance~
Until 11/26/2022 23:59
Period II11/27/2022 0:00~
Until 12/03/2022 23:59
Period III12/04/2022 0:00~
12/08/2022 before maintenance

Schedule of Item Distribution

Late January, 2023


*You will not be eligible for the present if you fall out of the battle field during the battle.

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Get Dyeing Items!
That Golden "Thing" Appears!!


Golden Potums appear during the event period again!

Special "Body Armor" or "Additional Gear" that can be used to dye your equipment through synthesis may drop if you succeed in defeating it.

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Complete All! Limited Emblems!!

During the event period below, you can get special emblems!

13 Million Downloads ALogged in the game.Ticket Piece x70
13 Million Downloads BPlayed more than 60 minutes today.Orb Shard x50
13 Million Downloads CCompleted 3 quests.Teleport Ticket x3

Play every day and get them all!

Limited Special Emblems Available Period

From: 11/24/2022 after maintenance
Until: 5:00 AM (JST/GMT+9) on 12/9/2022

Please note that the emblems are reset at 5:00 AM (JST/ GMT+9) every day, so please don't forget to claim and receive the rewards once you have cleared the condition.

*You can claim and receive emblems after clearing the conditions from [Menu > News > You've got Emblem].

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Useful for Refinement!
Limited Recipes!!


Many "limited" recipes are available at the Blacksmiths during the event.


During the event period, 3 types of item recipes will be added to Item Synthesis.

They are useful for equipment refinement.

ItemItem Details
Gold Pom RefineFor Equipment Refinement
Success Rate +15%
Prevents the equipment from degradation 95% of the time.
Silver Pom RefineFor Equipment Refinement
Success Rate +10%
Prevents the equipment from degradation 85% of the time.
Bronze Pom RefineFor Equipment Refinement
Success Rate +5%
Prevents the equipment from degradation 75% of the time.

Create a lot and refine your gear!

How to Create Items with Limited-Edition Recipes?

Talk to the Blacksmith or Synthesist in "Sofya City", "El Scaro" or "Hora Diomedea", tap "Create Equipment" (for Blacksmith) and "Item Synthesis" (for Synthesist) and select "Limited-Time".

Limited Recipes Available Period

From: 11/24/2022 after maintenance
Until: 12/15/2022 before maintenance

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Double Present Campaign!!

We are holding a Double Present Campaign to celebrate reaching 13 Million DLs!!

Twitter Followers & Retweet Campaign!
More RTs More Winners!!

Follow Toram Online's Official Twitter Account (@toram_pr) and retweet the specified tweet during the campaign period to submit your entry.
Winners will be selected randomly and if you're lucky, you'll win Ticket Piece x1,300

No. of RTsNo. of WinnersPresent

Ticket Piecex1,300

*If there are 3,000 RTs, we will randomly select "13" lucky players to win "Ticket Piece x1,300".

Tweet to Retweet

Please check "here" for the tweet to retweet on our official Twitter!

Winners will be contacted via Twitter's Direct Message (DM).

If you don't have a Twitter account yet, take this chance to create one and join the campaign!

Campaign Period

12/08/2022 before maintenance


*The content of the campaign may be subject to change or cancellation without prior notice.
*Your own Twitter account is required to join this campaign.

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"Potum Hood & 13 Million DLs Celebration Pack"! Log in and Get 'Em!

Additional gear "Potum Hood" and "13 Million DLs Celebration Pack" will be exclusively given to you if you log in to the game during the campaign period.

The item pack contains Life Potion (HP Recovery Item), Mana Potion (MP Recovery Item), and 5 more types of items.

ItemItem DetailsQuantity
Life PotionRestore HP to max.x10
Mana PotionRestore 2000 MP.x10
Revive DropletIgnores the resurrection time.x15
Fairy Sewing ToolGrants 1 to 3 types of abilities to an avatar item.
The same abilities will not be granted.
Teleport Ticketeleport to the map you select in World Map.x15

Even if you are new to Toram Online, you can get the item pack after completing the tutorial.

They will be automatically sent to your accounts, so please check them from Menu > Community > Mailbox > Present.

Claim Period

12/08/2022 before maintenance

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*The event period and rewards are subject to change.
*Limited-time events or promotions may be held again in the future on different conditions after they have ended.

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