Toram Online Game Guide

This game guide contains useful information to help you get started with Toram Online.
Make sure to check it out for a more enjoyable experience with Toram Online.
*This game guide is created for gameplay on smartphones.

★:World & Channel

★:All About Character Design! Let's Create a Fun & Attractive Character!

★:Leveling up in the Early Stage of the Game

★:Basic Battle Controls

★:Let's Distribute Stat & Skill Points to Build Your Ideal Character!

★:Introduction to Party Feature! Form a Party for a More Efficient Adventure!

★:Introduction to Guild Feature! Toram Online Can be More Fun with Your Guild Members!

★:Intro to Your Land! Create Your Own Space According to Your Personal Taste and Eat Food to Get Buffs!

★:Just in Case...Submit ASOBIMO Account!

World & Channel

The space in which the characters of the players exist is called a "World".
Furthermore, there are different "Channels" within a "World".

You can play with your friends together by entering the same World and Channel.
You can change the World and Channel you enter from Menu > Terminal > Switch Channel.

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All About Character Design!
Let's Create a Fun & Attractive Character!

When creating your character, you can decide the physical attributes below.
・Gender/ Skin Color/ Height/ Body/ Face/ Hair

Gender/ Skin Color/ Height/ Body

▲"Neutral A" is a masculine appearance with feminine gestures, while "Neutral B" is a feminine appearance with masculine gestures.

▲Your character will have a muscular body if you select "Fit".


・Facial Expression (Face Type)/ Eye Type/ Eye Color/ Odd Eye

▲The color of your character's left eye and right eye can be made different by selecting a color in the Odd Eye option.


・Bangs/ Back/ Tails/ Hair Color/ Highlight / Hari Tie

▲You can highlight your hair and change the color of the hair tie for some hairstyles from the Highlight/ Hair Tie option.

Let's create an attractive character according to your play-style and preference.

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Leveling up in the Early Stage of the Game

Once you start the game, try to complete the main story quests.
This is a great way to level your character up in the early stage of the game as you will gain many EXP points when you complete a quest.

Quest Guide

You will see a ? mark as shown in the picture when there is a new scenario.
A ? mark will also be shown on the mini map, so head to the location with the ? mark to play the new scenario.

You will see an ! mark at the location where the next event of the current scenario will take place.
So aim for the location with an ! mark while checking the mini map to continue the story!

▲Check the Quest Details when you don't know what to do next.
You may find some helpful hints to progress.
You can check the quest details from Menu > Character > Quest > Show Details.

The boss is too powerful and I can't beat it...What should I do?

If the boss is too strong for you to defeat, try to escape from the battle and change the difficulty level to "Easy". Certain items won't drop on Easy mode, but in exchange for that, it will be easier to defeat the boss.

▲You can escape from a boss battle by standing near a portal for 10 seconds.

▲You can change the difficulty level by tapping the arrow button on the menu before starting a boss battle.
Tap the arrow button on the left to change the difficulty level to "Easy".

Returning to a town (Save Point)

You can move to a town (Save Point) by using a Teleportation item or from Menu > Map > World Map.
Moving to a town (Save Point) is free and no items will be consumed, so make good use of it!

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Basic Battle Controls

Tap the Action button to target a nearby monster and start battling. A normal attack will automatically be performed and MP will be restored when it hits.
If you would like to target a certain monster, you can tap it directly.

▲Long press the Action button to display the list of nearby targets.
You can adjust the duration for the list to be displayed from Menu > Settings > System.

▲A circle will be displayed when you tap and hold a monster.
Drag or slide in any direction to change target.

Furthermore, you can use "Skills" any time you like during a battle to perform a powerful attack or buff your character.
MP will be consumed when using a skill, so combine your attacks and use your skills wisely while restoring your MP with normal attacks.

Make Use of Shortcuts

You can set convenient shortcuts for skills and items.
You can set them from Menu > Settings > Shortcuts.

Try Using Combo

You can use Combo after learning 5 skills,
Using Combo also grants you special abilities such as the ability to "Reduce MP Cost for a skill", "Increase the damage dealt with a skill", "Shorten the time to use a skill", and etc.

Setting Auto-Item

This feature allows a recovery item to be used automatically when your HP goes below a certain value. Adjust the value and recovery item used according to your HP growth.
You can do this from Menu > Settings > Auto-Item.

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Let's Distribute Stat & Skill Points to Build Your Ideal Character!

You can distribute the points earned as you like.
Distribute the points according to the equipment you own or the kind of play-style you are aiming for!

"After raising a skill to Lv5, you will be able to learn the next skill under the same skill tree.
There is a limit to the skill you can learn at first, but you will be able to learn more skills by raising the level of the skill tree later."
You can raise skill tree level and acquire new skill trees from the NPC Lilulu at the library in Sofya City with Spinas.
The cost (Spinas) required to learn a skill will go up as you learn more skills, so choose the skill you want to learn carefully.

*The skill tree level can be raised according to the player's level.
*Skill Points can also be earned from emblems.
* The "Library" is located in the northeast of Sofya City.

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Introduction to Party Feature!
Form a Party for a More Efficient Adventure!

Make use of the "Party" feature to join forces with other players to defeat a monster!
By forming a party with other players, you will be able to defeat the enemy that is hard to beat, obtain EXP points and items efficiently.

"The items obtained are not shared as each member in the party will get the items.
Furthermore, there could be a better chance for certain items to drop due to level differences among the members."
"*The condition above only applies when forming a party with other players.
Please note that there will be no changes to item drop rates when forming a party with a Mercenary or pet."

Forming a Party

・Inviting a Player to Your Party
Choose the player you would like to invite and select Party Invite. You can edit the message before tapping Invite.

・Accepting the Invitation to Join a Party
You will see "You have Party Request." from Menu > Community > Party when someone invites you to their party.
You can join the party by selecting "You have Party Request.".

All You Need to Know About Party

・Disband Party
Disband the party you are currently in. Only the Party Leader can do this.

・Kick Members
Kicking a player out of the party. Only the Party Leader can do this.

・Change Leader
Transfer the right to be the party leader to another member. Only the Party Leader can do this.

・Leave Party
Leave the party you are currently in.

Mercenary & Partner System

With the "Mercenary & Partner System", you can form a party even when you are playing alone with other player's character or your sub-character.

For more information about the "Mercenary & Partner System", please kindly refer to "this news".

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Introduction to Guild Feature!
Toram Online Can be More Fun with Your Guild Members!

If you are in a Guild, you can use a special chat feature and a "Guild Bar" that is only accessible by the guild members.
Furthermore, you will be able to enjoy interesting contents such as "Guild Maze" and "Guild RAID" with the members.

"Why don't you join a guild now?
You can get more friends and your Toram Online adventure will definitely be more fun!"

The Guild System is More Fun Now with New Features Added!
You can read about guild-exclusive contents such as "Guild Quest", "Guild Bar Remodeling/ Equipment Enhancement", and "Guild RAID".
You can read the announcements about the features above by clicking the hyperlinks.

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Intro to Your Land!
Create Your Own Space According to Your Personal Taste and Eat Food to Get Buffs!

Your Land is a feature for you to build your own personal space (house) and decorate your garden with trees and flowers.
You can make use of Your Land to interact with your friends or Guild mates. Random monsters will also appear on Your Land and you can turn them into your pets.

Once your character reaches Lv30, the option "Go to Your Land" will appear in the Terminal menu.
Select "Go to Your Land" and purchase land from the NPC at the place you are taken to by paying 10,000 Spinas. You can then edit Your Land.

You can also cook on Your Land after installing some kitchen furniture.
You can get buffs and various benefits from cooking, so make sure to make use of Your Land's cooking feature!

For more information about Your Land and Cooking, please refer to the announcement below.

Enjoy the Slow Life! Housing System Implemented!
It's an announcement about Your Land feature.
You can learn how to cook and the benefits of cooking and eating the food from "How to Cook" section.

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Just in Case...Submit ASOBIMO Account!

Asobimo Account is an account system that allows you to log in to your registered game data on different operating systems and devices, such as Android and iOS.
By submitting ASOBIMO Account, you will be able to transfer your game data to your new device when you lose your old device or if it is broken.

Please consider submitting ASOBIMO Account so that you can play Toram Online on various platforms and more importantly, to be prepared for an emergency.

For more information about how to submit ASOBIMO Account, please refer to "this news".

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