Changes to Recommended System Requirements

Thank you for always playing Toram Online.

As the contents of Toram Online are constantly being developed and updated, the recommended system requirements will undergo some changes.

Implementation Date of the New Recommended System Requirements

04/018/2024 after the maintenance

*The changes to recommended system requirements are subject to change.
A separate notice will be issued when changes are made.

★:Summary of Changes in Recommended OS

★:About Account Backup

Summary of Changes in Recommended OS

iOS & iPadOS

OSiOS 14 or later & iPadOS 14 or lateriOS 15 or later & iPadOS 15 or later
SoCApple A12 or higherApple A13 or higher
RAM3GB or higher4GB or higher

Please click "here" for the current recommended system requirements.

*There are no changes to the system requirements for the Android, Steam, and Windows (ASOBIMO GAMES Launcher) version of the app.

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About Account Backup

Please submit your "ASOBIMO Account" beforehand if you have not done so in order to be prepared for unforseen circumstances.

ASOBIMO Account Submission Procedure

1Log in to Toram Online using the character which data you wish to transfer.
2Tap [Menu > Settings > Account Settings > Submit]at the upper left of the screen.
3Enter your "E-mail Address" and "Password", then tap "Submit".
4A verification email will be sent to the e-mail address you submitted.

Please also check out the "FAQ on our official site "for more details about ASOBIMO Account Submission.

Should you have any problem, feel free to contact us from [Menu > Orb Shop > Contact Us] at the upper left of the screen before continuing your action.

*You are responsible for managing and maintaining the confidentiality of your "ASOBIMO Account" name and password.

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*Should you have any question regarding your current OS version or OS update, please kindly contact Apple Inc. or the retailer.

Please visit [Apple Website] for how to update the iOS of your iPhone and iPad.

For the devices that support iOS 15 and iPadOS, please refer to [Apple Website].

*You can still play Toram Online despite not meeting the recommended system requirements. However, we may not deal with the troubles that occur on those devices.
Please consider changing your device if you are still playing on a device that does not meet the recommended system requirements.

Necessary changes in system requirement or OS compatibility may be made in the future.
We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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