[Daily Boost Event] Begins! Boss Goblin and more!

During the following event period, EXP of certain boss monsters is boosted by "50%", Item Drop Rates by "50%".

This will be applied to all the Difficulties.

This is a great chance to collect Crystas and materials!
Enjoy the exciting battles with boss monsters!

Event Period

From:June 11th at 12:00 AM (JST/GMT+9)
Until:June 11th at 11:59 PM (JST/GMT+9)


Lv40 Boss Goblin(Ribisco Cave: Deepest Part)

Lv163 King Piton(Elf Mountains: Shrine)

Lv244 Wicked Dragon Fazzino(Propulsion System Room)

Lv82 Metal Stinger(Akaku Desert: Area 2)

Lv210 Canemofish(Recetacula Sector: Area 1)

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*Difficulty level "Normal" is listed on boss monsters with selectable difficulty level.
*Please note that you cannot battle certain monsters if you do not meet the requirements such as completing a story mission etc..
*Please note that some items don't drop in Difficulty: "Easy".
*The boost effect from this event will be stacked with the effect from Orb items and 30-Day Tickets.
*If a boosted boss monster appears on a certain event map, the save point with the wormhole to the map will be shown under the "Recommended" section of Region Selection.
A boosted boss monster may also on a map not shown under the "Recommended" section of Region Selection or World Map.
*Please note that the available period may be shortened or changed.
*Limited-time events or promotions may be held again in the future on different conditions after they have ended.

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