【Live】<Special Giftouts> Fighting the Bosses Deformis

7/9(Tue) 12:00 PM (JST/ GMT+9) is the Toram Online Official Live Stream of Bemmo(Asobimo)

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★:Live Contents


★:Make Use of View Mode! It's Perfect for #bemmoshow!

Live Contents

[In this program, foreign MC Sarah learns to Toram.]
[The data used in production is borrowed from the development team.]

Fighting the Bosses Deformis

Let's Visit Your Land

BeMMO Show Introduction

【Special Giftouts】Lucky Draw

MCSarah(Bemmo Channel Toram English MC)

*Only the players who enter the livestream "keyword" at the determined place during the specified time are eligible for the gift.
*"Keyword Gift will be sent at a later date!" will be shown when the keyword has been received.
*You need to enter the "keyword" exactly the same as instructed.
You will not be eligible for the gift if you make some changes to the keyword while equipping certain avatars.
* If you are playing on a platform with an active 30 Days Ticket, the deadline for entering the "keyword" will be extended by 10 hours.

*The contents of the broadcast and the cast are subject to change without prior notice.

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Send us your screenshots, pictures, and fanart
about Asobimo games (Toram Online)!


How to Apply

Submissions are selected from X (Formerly Twitter). Please post your #bemmoshow with an account that meets the following criteria.
・Posts are not set to private
・Account is following Toram Online's official X (@toram_pr)

Please include the following in your submission.
【1】Photo, screenshot, or illustration (Required)
【2】Hashtags #bemmoshow and #Toram (Required)
【3】Comment (Optional)
・Comments may be shared when results are announced.

*We may not be able to select entries containing the use of other companies' copyrights or inappropriate wording.
*Photo edits OK
*No videos

About Item

Ultimate GemIncreases Base Drop Rate to 100%.
Strengthens the boss monsters.
Legendary GemIncreases Base Drop Rate to 50%.
Strengthens the boss monsters.
Super Rare Drop GemIncreases Base Drop Rate to 25%.
Strengthens the boss monsters.

Participants using #bemmoshow who are featured on the Toram Online livestream can win a Gem to boost the drop rate from a boss fight at a later date!

How to Claim Your Present

Winners will be notified via direct message from the Toram Online official X account (@toram_pr).
Please note that if you have blocked direct messages, you will not be able to get your prize.


*Only participants following Toram Online's official X account will be eligible to be selected.
*Winners will receive a DM from Toram Online's official X account with the necessary information to receive your prize.
*All personal information will be handled carefully and will not be used for any other purpose than sending your prize.
*If you are not following Toram Online's official X account (@toram_pr) at the time of the announcement, your win will be canceled.

*Please only submit photos or screenshots taken by you, or illustrations drawn by yourself.
*You may submit as many images as you wish per X account.
*Submissions made with the same image via multiple accounts will be invalidated for future wins. (Judgment will be based on the time of the earliest post.)

*Please note we cannot cancel any wins upon request after a submission has been posted.
*Please note that we may edit or change the size of any screenshots posted on the official website or SNS services managed by Asobimo, Inc.
*We cannot reply to DMs, so please use the Contact form for any inquiries.
*All copyrights of submitted works belong to Asobimo, Inc.

*Submissions that are deemed as deviating from the purpose or theme of "bemmoshow" will be excluded from the selection process.
*Please refrain from any submissions that may violate Toram Online's Terms of Use or Penalty Policy.
*Submissions that infringe on the intellectual property rights (including ownership and copyrights), honor, trust, or privacy rights of Asobimo, Inc., other members, or any other third party will be deemed invalid.
┗Ex) Use of items from collabs with other companies
AI-generated images, videos, or music included in the work

*Submissions that are offensive to public order and morals will be deemed invalid.
*Submissions deemed by Asobimo, Inc. to be inappropriate for public viewing will be deemed invalid.
*We will not be able to answer any questions regarding selection criteria.
*"Bemmoshow" is subject to change or cancellation without prior notice.
*We reserve the right to cancel prizes if there are any problems with the above once results are announced.

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Make Use of View Mode!
It's Perfect for #bemmoshow!

Picture taken with normal "Screenshot"

Picture taken with "Screenshot" in View Mode

By choosing the View Mode that you have added to the shortcut, you will be able to move the screen angle without moving your character.

How to Switch to View Mode

[Menu > Settings > Shortcuts > Choose a shortcut slot, Menu > View Mode].

To take a picture in View Mode, you can use the usual "Screenshot" button or the key that you have set as the shortcut for screenshot.

Let's Take Some Screenshots!

If you use the screenshot feature in Toram Online, you can hide the UI and freely move the angle of the screen without moving your character when you take a picture.

Let's capture your adventure memories!

Check out "this news" for more details about the screenshot feature in Toram Online!

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